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What Should I Wear to my Newborn Session

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I tend to get this question often … which is totally understandable. It’s hard enough choosing outfits for normal family photos, but add a new baby in there and things can get even more overwhelming! So what should I wear to my Newborn Session? Let’s start with the basics that hold true for most every type of photo session:

  • Start with the person that is hardest to dress. For my family, that would be me. I want to make sure I’m happy and comfortable with what I’m wearing, then I can worry about everyone else.
  • Start with a few neutral colors (ie. khakis, whites, grays) and then add a one or two pops of color. For newborn sessions, I tend to like to keep these pops of color in the calm realm. For example, pastels are a great options.
  • Your goal is coordinate — not be matchy, matchy. This is why choosing a color palette can be very helpful.
  • Textures are a great way to add interest and show your style. This holds especially true in studio newborn sessions, since I typically suggest avoiding patterns.
  • Make sure clothing fits well. Items that are too large and baggy can look sloppy.

Then here are some great tips that are more specific to studio newborn sessions:

  • Keep things neutral and simple. I like the focus to be on your faces … not on bold colors and loud prints.
  • It’s going to be very warm in the studio, so keep that in mind before adding too many layers to an outfit. Poor dad won’t last very long if he’s in a button down with a sweater over top! And that sweet little bundle you’re holding is like a little heater, so even in your airy top, you will get hot pretty quickly.
  • You’re welcome to wear a necklace, but keep in mind that many poses we will do will hide much of that area. Plus you want to be sure you’re not wearing anything that will scratch baby while you’re snuggling him/her closely.
  • I have a ton of wraps and newborn outfits to coordinate with whatever you are wearing, so please don’t worry about baby. And, if it’s your preference, baby can always be naked in family photos as well.
  • Please, please, please make sure your nails are as you would like them to be in pictures. It is very hard to edit chipped nail polish.

And lastly, while I tend to lean towards bright and airy family photos, I also really love dark and moody portraits. So if your preference leans more towards darker colors, then that is completely fine. You are welcome to wear dark greys or blacks and we can create some gorgeous, rich family portraits.

**Make sure to visit my Pinterest Board which shows many more examples of what to wear to your newborn session (CLICK HERE).**

And if you haven’t already, check out the online tour of my Hudson, OH studio.

studio family newborn pictures studio family newborn pictures

studio family newborn pictures

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