up close newborn baby face

What is Newborn Macro Photography?

Macro photography, in general terms, is an extreme close-up photo of something small. For example, you may have seen cool, close-up photos of insects, flowers or fruit when scrolling the internet. It’s all about showcasing a subject larger than it is in real life.

Tiny details. Big impact.

When discussed in relation to newborn babies, macro photography refers to close-up portraits of baby features – such as a baby’s sweet fingers, flakey toes, long eyelashes, and pouty lips. Macro photos highlight details that often go unnoticed. Those adorable details you hope to remember but forget so quickly. Macro photography is all about documenting those precious, brand new baby details because your baby will change so quickly.  

When macro photos are requested for your newborn session, I use a specialized lens to magnify baby’s beautiful features. So years from now, you can look back and remember those sweet details and fleeting moments.

Check out some of the gorgeous newborn macro portraits I have taken at previous sessions. If this is something you would like at your newborn session, feel free to mention it to me beforehand or mark it down on your questionnaire.

up close newborn baby face
newborn fingers macro photography
baby toes macro photography
macro newborn images lips hair eyes
baby ear and eyelashes macro photo

I’d love to capture these sweet details of your new baby. Feel free to reach out to discuss all the options available to you at your CWP newborn photography session. I welcome your ideas and can’t wait to create beautiful pieces of art for your home.

Newborns are best photographed in the first few weeks of life. Make sure to reach out before baby is born to ensure a spot on my calendar. I’d love to work with you!

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