Hudson Springs Park | Hudson, Ohio

Hudson Springs Park is a huge, beautiful park located on the east side of Hudson. It is very popular with residents and is great for walking, running, kayaking, and more! It’s a great place to come for a picnic and let the kids play on the expansive playground area. It features a huge pond, a 2+ mile trail and lots of wooded areas.

I’ll be honest — I don’t shoot at Hudson Springs Park often (although I’m starting to more). There are definitely some things to think about before choosing this location. First, the playground is front and center when you arrive, so if you think that might an issue with your little ones (it can be quite a distraction), it might be best to avoid this spot. Also, because this is such a popular park in Hudson, it is typically quite crowded. We will almost certainly be meeting for our session in the evening, so typically the crowds have thinned out by then, but you never know what we might find. Lastly, because of it’s size, it requires some walking to get to each of my favorite spots at the park. If you’re planning on heels, I suggest bringing comfy shoes to change into as we walk from each area.

This is not a swimming/wading pond (it’s just for paddle boats), so no one will be getting wet at your session (unless it rains!).

If these beautiful, scenic views have your heart fluttering, and you can look past it’s few issues, then let me know and we can discuss what time to meet at this location. This is typically a park we meet at close to sunset. View more outdoor location options!

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