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Styled Newborn Session | How I Design Your Perfect Photos

If you’ve ever been to my studio, or know someone that has, they will tell you that I have everything you could ever want for a styled newborn session. While “everything” might be a bit of an exaggeration, it really isn’t much of one. Over the past, 6+ years, I have amassed a very large collection of props, accessories, wraps and almost anything else needed for your perfect newborn photo session. You just have to tell me what you like, and if I don’t have it, I’ll do my best to find something similar.

What makes each session even more fun is that I love colors! Yes, I love a good neutral any day (and I have tons of them), but I also love bold, bright colors and fun patterns. And while the latter isn’t for everyone, I like to make sure all my bases are covered. So no matter what colors you love, I should have some options for you. And if you just love creams and whites, that’s ok too!

Don’t believe me? Make sure you check out my blog post featuring a tour of my studio.

The first step towards your perfect photo session is filling out the questionnaire I send when you book your session. The more details you can give me the better! I love hearing about your favorite colors, photos of mine that you really like, props you’d like to use, poses you adore, etc. I base everything I use at your session off of what you tell me on this form, so if it’s important to you, don’t leave it out. I have some clients that are very specific, but then I have others that are up for anything. If you aren’t sure what you like, but know you love my work, then just fill in what you can and I’ll do the rest. I love getting full creative freedom, but it certainly isn’t necessary. Either way, you’re going to walk away with a beautiful, customized newborn session just for you.

I set up for my newborn sessions the night before the session takes place. This is for many reasons. I can spend anywhere from 1-2 hours prepping for the next day. I plan out every detail, from props to wraps, to headbands/hats and of course poses. And then I make backups to those plans, because let’s face it, you have to be flexible when it comes to babies. I used to set up for photos during the session, and guess what … I wasted so much precious sleepy baby time. So I’ve learned over the years, that it is best to have everything ready to go when you arrive, so we can get started right away.

As you can see, I’m ready for most anything. And I welcome any thoughts or ideas you have for your session (no matter if it’s a newborn or not). I want to create photos I love, but more importantly, photos you love. So feel free to use that Contact button above to get the conversation started. I’d love to chat!

Below is a great example of session where mom said she wanted creams, blues and greys, but also liked both airy (light) and more moody (dark) portraits.

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