First Year Portraits

First Year Pictures | Capture Baby’s Big Milestones

I thought it would fun to show what one year of photos with your baby can look like with CWP. Check out Penelope’s First Year Pictures below. What a gorgeous baby girl that I had the pleasure to see all throughout her first year, from newborn to her first birthday. For clients interested in this type of investment, there are many options. But I’ve found the best way to document all of those special milestones is doing a newborn, 4 month (pushing up), 8 month (sitting) and 1 year session (standing/walking). You could do more, you could do less … but I think these 4 sessions hit all of the important markers.

Don’t forget to ask about our First Year Collection — an awesome way to document all of those milestones, from pushing up and sitting, to standing/walking and their first birthday! Two or three sessions with lots of perks included!

first birthday baby
one year old baby girl
baby eating cake

If you are interested in first year pictures of your baby, or any type of photo session, I would love to chat. There are so many wonderful milestones to capture during your baby’s first year. They change so quickly!

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