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Older Newborn Photos | Babies can be photographed at any age

It’s true. There is a preferred age when photographing a newborn. And there are some photographers that will only photograph a baby during those few weeks. But guess what? I know life can get in the way. And while pictures of your baby are certainly a priority for many, I completely understand why they get delayed … or forgotten. I am more than happy to photograph your new baby at any age. Older newborn photos can be just as beautiful as pictures you might have taken right after your new bundle arrived. I will tell any potential client that I prefer the baby to be under 3 weeks of age. And I do tend to find that these younger babies do best at their portrait sessions. However, there are always exceptions to the rule so if you’re questioning anything, please feel free to reach out and we can discuss your specific situation. As long as everyone has the right expectations, then photographing your baby at any age can result in photos you will cherish forever.

The perfect example of an older newborn is sweet Logan below. He came to visit me at around 8 weeks of age. Not an age I shoot a lot of since it’s right in between my two standard milestone sessions (newborn and 4 months). He was, for the most part, out of that curly, sleepy newborn stage. But wouldn’t you know it, he gave us that perfect mix of sleepy shots and wide-eyed awake shots.  There are so many portraits that I love from his session! That smiley bear shot is adorable!  And I love those beautiful photos with his loving mom.

So don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re considering older newborn photos of your baby … not matter the age. We can chat about your wishes and your baby’s current stage and figure out what would work best for you. I’d love to be a little part of this amazing adventure you’re on!

newborn baby with bear
newborn photoshoot
newborn baby in blue

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