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What to Wear to my Outdoor Session

With the fall season upon us, I have received quite a few questions regarding outfits and what to wear to your outdoor sessions. And after going through multiple sessions for my own family, I completely understand the overwhelming feeling that comes with putting everything together. But I’ve learned over the years that following these tips below can really help you put together a beautiful, coordinated (not matching) grouping of outfits that will look great in your portraits.

  • Start with a few neutral colors (ie. denim, khakis, white, gray) and then add a pop of color (I love red and yellow outdoors, but there are many beautiful options)
  • The goal is to coordinate, not to match.  This is why choosing a color palette of 3-4 colors is a great way to start things.
  • It’s wise to start with the person that will be the hardest to dress — that would be ME for my family. I want to make sure I’m happy and comfortable with what I am in, then I can worry about everyone else.
  • Layers and textures are a great way to add interest and show your style (ie. a scarf, a vest, a statement necklace, etc)
  • Patterns are wonderful … in moderation.  Mom in a floral dress, dad in a solid button down shirt and son in a striped shirt can make a great combination, as long as everything coordinates. Put together a mix of solids, subtle prints and 1-2 bold prints and everyone will look great! Try not to repeat the same kind of pattern (ie. two different striped shirts).
  • Avoid neon colors and clothing with text/graphics

**Make sure to visit my Pinterest Board which shows many more examples of what to wear to your session.**


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