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Downtown Hudson | Custom Photo Session

I definitely have a soft spot for downtown Hudson. Sure, I grew up here, so that definitely adds to it. But it is such a quaint, beautiful little spot full of personality. From the beautiful greens to the old (and new) architecture that exudes charm, it’s definitely a great choice for a photo session. It can be great for a morning or evening downtown Hudson photo session. But if you have a specific spot in mind, make sure to discuss it with me first so we can go at the best time of day. You’ll see some of my favorite spots below, but the options really are endless.

A photography session here can involve some walking. It’s a very relaxed portrait experience, where we wander around town shooting as we go. The kids love to explore, and there’s some great “bribing” options (ice cream!) should you need them. Hudson is great for many types of sessions: family, children/milestone, maternity and seniors.

Don’t hesitate to contact me above to discuss this location further. There is such a wide variety of looks that can come from this area, so I’d love to hear what you enjoy most. I welcome any questions you have!

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