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Brunswick Ohio Newborn Photographer | Mia

Sweet, perfect Mia. It happens like clockwork … I have a few tough babies who don’t necessarily want to do what I have planned … and then I am blessed with a happy, sleepy baby. Mia was awesome. She was so sleepy and curly and was happy doing whatever I asked (LOL). And then, the icing on the cake, that amazing open-eyed shot below. She’s gorgeous! I love being a Brunswick Ohio Newborn Photographer!

I was so excited when Mia’s mom mentioned doing a golf setup. I like to keep themes simple, and not go too over the top. So I really love how this turned out. What a wonderful surprise for her dad!

I’d love to meet your newest little one! Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions. Thank you!

Brunswick Ohio Newborn PhotographerBrunswick-Ohio-Newborn-Photographer-01Brunswick-Ohio-Newborn-Photographer-02Brunswick-Ohio-Newborn-Photographer-03

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