6 month old sitter milestone session

Hudson Ohio Sitter Session | Vera turns 6 months

It’s not really a secret that sitter sessions tend to be my favorite! They are best done around 6-8 months of age, when baby has started sitting on her own (not necessarily for an extended period) and is full of personality. Most little ones come in her as happy as can be, although I have had a streak of serious models. I think the best sessions are full of a mix of expressions … some smiles, some silly faces and some serious wide-eyed stares. It’s the last shots that really speak to me. Make sure you visit me for a Hudson Ohio Sitter Session!

I was so excited to see Vera again. Her newborn session still stands as one of my favorites and I always love to see how the little ones change in such a short period. The first year goes by so quickly, and your little one will change so much … make sure to get document as much as you can.

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Hudson Ohio Sitter SessionHudson-Ohio-Sitter-Session-01Hudson-Ohio-Sitter-Session-02

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